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Action Rocket launches new email content management platform, Taxi For Email

11 November 2015 • PDF download

​About Taxi for Email

Taxi for Email is used by some of the world’s most recognisable brands and agencies to make better emails and streamline email workflow.

The platform works alongside your email service provider, helping everyone on your email production team do their job more effectively. Designers can build email templates and control how they are edited. Editors and copywriters’ can focus on creating content without touching HTML, and marketers can oversee progress and manage the team’s workflow. Once a campaign is complete, you can download it or export it to a sending platform.

Key benefits of Taxi for Email:

  • Quick creation of new campaigns, being able to use previous templates and settings.
  • Anyone from a designer to a copywriter can edit content.
  • Save costs and time on amends that would usually get sent to a design agency.
  • Help stay on brand, by controlling how brand elements such as fonts and colours can be manipulated.
  • Exporting the campaign doesn’t lead to extra code being added, so will always look exactly as you intended when imported to your email sending platform.
  • Easily connect to Litmus to preview email campaigns in over 40 email clients.
  • Instant support from the team using live chat.

For information about how Taxi for Email can help your email marketing team, or to request a demo and take a trial, visit